Just Commerce 2

Just Commerce, being the main product of Stentle, is a “phygital” solution that empowers stores to engage their consumers both online and offline simultaneously. The robust experience-first solution takes form in two mobile applications, one used by the merchants and the other used by their consumers.

Via the consumer app, one can:

  • reserve fitting, make an appointment;
  • view products in stores and make purchases;
  • search stores to buy certain products;
  • avoid the queue and speedy checkout in store;
  • and more…

Via the merchant app, one can:

  • manage fitting reservations and appointments;
  • see consumers in the store;
  • see consumers’ wishlist, favourite categories and other datas in their profiles;
  • get recommendation of what product to up-sell or cross-sell to a certain consumer from an AI-powered recommendation engine;
  • cast certain products onto in-store digital signages and interact with consumers;
  • build custom outfits on a digital signage for a certain consumer;
  • manage in-store checkouts via mobile phone;
  • and more…

My contributions

  • Facilitate and participate in initial ideation workshops and came up with the initial idea;
  • Plan and conduct user researches jointly with other colleagues;
  • Conclude and validate user requirements and sort out application function list jointly with other colleagues;
  • Define and sketch out user flows for various functions;
  • Design wireframes from low to high fidelity;
  • Design UI views;
  • Make demonstration prototypes;
  • Develop UI views with markup language “UX” on Fusetools and hand them over to front-end developers for dynamisation;
  • Communicate with developers.

Below are some flows made along the way. To learn more about it, please check Just Commerce site.

Core functions wireflow of the customer app

Close app

Usr flow of product recommendation in the merchant app

JC Roadmap Flows_Shop_ass_Availability+Behalf