This is a company project. The client is a luxury resort in Spain. This service design project was to help them:

  • rethink about their positioning in the market
  • discover, define and understand their real guests
  • set up high level macro service strategy
  • fine-tune few identified crucial micro services and touchpoints


an image taken in the service design workshop


Project process

After a progressive process, the project was wrapped up with an extensive documentation to serve as a service guide and reference of guest understanding for the client.

Below is the process explained with a deliverable of each phase.



Guest Segmentation

Preliminarily segment the guests into different clusters with research results and service deliverers’ personal insights and weigh each of them.


User segmentation



Guest Persona

Define a persona for each identified major guest segment.


a persona defined for the



Guest Journey

Map out an ideal guest journey throughout the whole service, including pre-stay, during the say and after, for each persona. Analyse the interactions, both external and internal, and touchpoints involved in each step.


a persona's customer journey



Task Analysis

Break down the actions to be taken by a guest persona in each phase of the journey and analyse the resources and supports needed.


a persona's task analysis



Touchpoint mapping

Map out all touchpoints in each step to define their relevancy and importance for each guest persona.


a persona's main touchpoint mapping



Service Blueprint

Map out the micro interactions in each specific service scene to help streamline and standardise the high service quality.


a persona's service blueprint



Staff App

Assign a dedicated staff as the Hotel Master to orchestrate all the interactions and communications between guests and staffs in different position. Design an internal app for the new role in the service.


a proposed app structure