This is a company project. The client sees a huge amount of guest traffic every year throughout its several hotels in different places in the world. There is a lot of facilities and happenings in the hotels, but not all the guests are aware of them.

To change this,  we were asked to design and develop a hotel app for guests to discover the hotels and the events, to enjoy and record their stay experiences.


On-boarding user flows

Sandos_APP_Backlog_Flow-Single Sign-on




Sign up/in User flows

Sandos_APP_Backlog_Flow-Sign in_up V3




Main function user flows

Sandos_APP_Backlog_Flow-After_Login_Flows V2




App architecture

Sandos_App_UX_ Architecture-App Architecture v2




Sign up/in wireframes

all wireframes single sign-on




App main functions Wireframes

all wireframes others




UI views